About Us


About Us

We perform three central functions in the Cru ecosystem; the first being the formulation and implementation of a global private monetary system that sustainably preserve the assets on which Cru is drawn, ensuring the stability of Cru in the market which helps to correct some of the shortcomings of Fiat, the second is the simplification the age-old traditional receivables assignment practices into one that convert receivables into Cru for ease of utilization , and the third being to function as the supervisory authority over the Cru Global Monetary System (“Cru ecosystem”). Our mandate is to provide a well-supported open, trustworthy, reliable, and globally accessible Cru ecosystem for people and businesses everywhere to participate and benefit from Cru which is safe, compliant, reliable, and private money that can serve everyone. 

About CRU

Cru augments Ura, fiat and other forms of money in an ecosystem system that integrates smoothly with existing macroprudential policies and accepted regulatory frameworks.  Read more


About Receivables Assignment and Exchange

CRU is a complement to traditional receivables assignment and exchange. Traditional Receivables Assignment and exchange have contributed immensely to economic growth since its introduction,  but it is a cumbersome process that has locked out many out of the receivables market. CRU is a simplified receivables assignment that reduces reliance on traditional receivables assignment and fulfills the expectation of the United Nations Convention on Assignment of Receivables in International Trade (“Convention”). Read more

About Central CRU Organization

The Central CRU Organization (“CRO”) in its capacity as the supervisory authority over the Cru ecosystem is responsible for the collection, verification, and purchase of receivables; and overseeing the management, distribution, and utilization of Cru as money worldwide via existing Fiat monetary systems. CRO brings Cru to the world to address the uncertainties inherent in traditional receivables assignment.  Read more

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