Cru Currency

Cru Currency

CRU is money that is distributed and managed by the Central CRU Organization (“CRO”) in its capacity as the supervisory authority over the global Cru monetary system (“Cru ecosystem”), which simplifies the age-old traditional receivables practice and empowers people everywhere to participate in and benefit from Cru which is a safe, compliant, reliable, and non-centralized money that serves everyone. Cru augments Ura, fiat, and other forms of money in an ecosystem system that integrates smoothly with existing macroprudential policies and accepted regulatory frameworks. CRO brings CRU to the world to address the uncertainties inherent in traditional receivables assignment. 

Cru Notes and Coins

CRU is not a cryptocurrency but a store of the value of existing receivables and utilized as money. CRU is a complement to traditional receivables assignment, which, although it contributed immensely to economic growth since its introduction, it is a cumbersome process that has locked out many out of the receivables market. CRU is the assignment of a simplified receivable that reduces reliance on traditional receivables assignments and fulfills the expectation of the United Nations Convention on Assignment of Receivables in International Trade (“Convention”). General guidelines relevant to traditional receivables assignment apply to CRU. Under no circumstances is CRU guaranteeing account debtors’ obligations; on the contrary, CRU in circulation is the certificate of debtors’ obligation being spent as currency until the debtor pays. Any receivable verified as existing from any market may be purchased and paid for in CRU. Read more  

Cru Wallet

Central CRU Organization (“CRO”), in its capacity as the supervisory authority over the Cru Global Monetary System (“Cru ecosystem”), has provided the Cru wallet payment system that complements other payment systems provided by decentralized financial institutions and platforms that allow users to send and receive money securely globally. Read more  

Cru Account

The Central CRU Organization (“CRO”)) as the banker for, adviser to, and fiscal agent of Resource Mobilization Inc in its capacity as the owner of the initial Reserve and the issuer of Cru, has provided the Cru account, as part of its supervisory responsibility in the Cru ecosystem, as a portal to centralized financial institutions and platforms to access and utilize Cru, products, and services directly from Central CRU Organisation. These financial institutions and platforms, in turn, offer Cru and their products and services to the market directly to meet the needs of individuals, families, businesses, and large organizations. Read more  

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