Central CRU Organization (“CRO”) redeems Cru to Receivables at any time, on the Central CRU Organization Redemption Platform, at a fixed Cru redemption rate of US$2.53 worth of Receivables at the time of redemption. Any changes to the Cru redemption rate will be updated by CRO. Read more 


A market is anywhere Cru is accepted as a means of payment and trading purposes. Markets give access to sellers to present their inventory to users, give buyers access to products and services, and facilitate transactions. Read more 

Trading Platform

Central CRU Organization (“CRO”) has put in place the CRO Trading Platform (“Platform”) as a portal for institutions that offer trading platforms that allow anyone anywhere to exchange value and trade-in Investment Products. Read more 

Receivables Exchange

Central CRU Organization (“CRO”) has put in place the CRO Receivables Exchange as a portal for institutions that originate and exchange accounts receivable in the market. Read more  


Central CRU Organization (“CRO”) implements CRU ecosystem monetary policy decisions, manages the ecosystem’s reserves, and manages the distribution of Cru. Read more  

Monetary Policy

The role of the Central CRU Organization (“CRO”) is to enable a well-supported transacting environment for all to utilize Cru in an ecosystem that integrates smoothly with existing financial ecosystems and macroprudential policies. Cru is money distributed after the order of commodity monetary system like fiat (the “Cru Monetary System” or “Cru Ecosystem”). Cru Monetary System, at a minimum, meets all the equivalent structures, services, support, and regulative requirements of the fiat monetary system within the context of current technological advances, making it possible for Cru to be widely adopted and utilized. Read more  

Supervision & Regulation

Central CRU Organization (“CRO”), the Cru ecosystem supervisory authority, is primarily responsible for ensuring that all participants conduct their businesses in accordance with the relevant regulations to achieve a sound, efficient, and stable financial system that serves as a facilitator for wealth creation, economic growth, and development. Read more   

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